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Tongue Anatomy Human with Label

Tongue Anatomy Human with Label here mainly focus with pictures that definitely help you to understand more about this Tongue part. we put some pictures in order give briefly explanation through pictures that help nurse, doctor, patient and also health expert to analyze this human body. 

What is Tongue? 

Tongue diagram

a solid organ on the floor of the mouth; it helps in biting, gulping, and discourse, and is the area of organs of taste. The taste buds are situated in the papillae, which are projections on the upper surface of the tongue. The state of the tongue can here and there be a manual for the general state of the body. glossitis (aggravation of the tongue) can go with paleness, red fever, healthful lacks, and most broad contaminations. Once in a while it is a piece of an unfriendly response to solution. One type of glossitis causes a smooth tongue, with a red, coated appearance. A covered or fuzzy tongue might be available in an assortment of diseases, yet does not as a matter of course show sickness. A dry tongue now and again demonstrates inadequacy of liquids in the body, or it might come about because of fever. At the point when the tongue is to a great degree dry and has a weathered appearance, the cause might be uremia.

Tongue diagram

somatic senses - The perceptions associated with stimulation of exteroreceptors to changes in the external physical environment and routed to the somatosensory cortex for interpretation; the set of five "skin" senses/modalities (pressure, touch, vibration, cold, warmth), two proprioceptive senses/modalities (sense of position, sense of force), and five "kinesthetic" (sense of body movements) senses/modalities (angle of joints, activities and tone of muscles, head movements, skin position relative to a touched surface, movements of the person within the environment (visual kinesthesis));  all are detected by mechanoreceptors except for cold and warmth which are detected by thermoreceptors.  (Pain may be included but pain reception may be from both somatic and visceral sources.)

Tongue Diagram Anatomy Human with Label

special senses - Modalities of sensation which require complex specialized receptor organs for detection; in humans there are five (or six):  sight, hearing, smell, taste, and equilibrium, both static and dynamic. [The so-called "five senses" are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.  However, touch is not a special sense.]

Tongue diagram

transduction - The conversion of the energy of a stimulus (electrical, mechanical, chemical, radiant, etc.) into another from of energy; in the nervous system, the energy of the stimulus is converted by a receptor into a nerve impulse = action potential for transmission to the central nervous system (CNS).

chemoreceptors - Sensory nerve cells or sense organs which respond to chemical stimuli; including exteroreceptors for smell and taste and enteroreceptors sensitive to concentration changes of a variety of molecules in the blood or other body fluids.

Tongue Diagram

fungiform papillae - The second most numerous of the papillae of the tongue; small, rounded "mushroom-shaped" eminences on the upper surface of the tongue, especially at the tip and along the sides; one of the locations for taste buds containing chemoreceptors for taste sensations, particularly to sweet and sour tastes.

circumvallate papillae - The third most numerous (about a dozen) and the largest of the papillae of the tongue; rounded "mushroom-shaped" eminences distributed in a “V”-shaped pattern at the junction of the anterior two-thirds and the posterior one-third of the tongue; one of the locations for taste buds containing chemoreceptors for taste sensations.

gustatory cells - The specialized chemoreceptor cells found in taste buds which contain hair-like processes extending to openings in the bud (taste pore) to taste substances; there are five primary tastes: sour, salt, sweet, bitter and umami 

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Tongue Anatomy Human with Label
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